Of course, like all of us "bitten by the show bug", we breed primarily for our own show stock. This creates a real void when it comes to available puppies although we do occasionally have puppies that, for some reason, will not make the show cut. These puppies are lovely in their own right and certainly will make great companions.

Our show pups (we do not sell breeding stock to ANYONE who will not show) go out on show contracts only. These contracts are designed to protect both parties agreeing to buying/selling but more importantly, the contract protects the dog.

We ask for a minimum commitment to this dog from you and in return, we will also provide a lifetime of support and guidance with regards to this puppy. Keepsakes Chihuahuas is not in the business of selling dogs. We love matching great pets with great people and super show prospects with serious exhibitors- if you fall into either of those categories, WE WANT YOU TO OWN ONE OF OUR DOGS!

When looking for a show dog, I want you to understand that it is my firm belief that a puppy cannot be properly evaluated for it's show potential before 12 weeks of age and if you are seeking a guaranteed point-winner, you best be thinking 4-5 months old or better- I know, I know, what about that adorable puppy you want to bond with? Well, in that case, be prepared to take your chances. My mom always says "many a slip between the cup and the lip". I think the upshot of that is that while most show breeders intentions are honorable, things happen, puppies change and can "grow out" unpredictably and the only sure bet is a puppy that is old enough to already be in the ring (or darn near close) and getting "oohs and ahhs". Having said that, we have produced a nice amount of potential winners "honest dogs" we call them, and we will do are best to provide you with a good show dog, and a contract guarantee to go with them.

I don't necessarily list all of my show potentials as I am constantly evaluating and reevaluating them for conformation, grow out and show temperament. Some of them I can look at on a Tuesday and rate them as "only suitable as the paperboy's companion" and by Wednesday of the next week I am dreaming dreams of Eukanuba.
It's a silly sport, this dog showing thing. I take it very seriously, passionately and am proud of how I do business.

If you think you would like to own a Keepsakes dog, please email me and put in a good phone number. We'll talk.

Carole Paulson
Keepsakes Chihuahuas

Please see the tabs under available for what we have currently. We have both show puppies and pet puppies available. Also some pointed show prospects and even one or two brood prospects available to approved breeding homes who are breeding with the intention of staying active in the show arena. All of our dogs go on contract (pet, show, brood in some cases) and the contracts will be strictly enforced.
Please inquire via email with what you are looking for and how much you hope to spend.
Show pups go for a minimum of $1000.00 on contract
Brood bitches or brood bitch prospects go for a minimum of $1000.00 usually with a complimentary stud service to one of our champions and with a puppy back agreement.
And our pet puppies are around $500.00- 650.00 unless they are very special in some way.
Contact us about how we can best fit your needs.